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Judith Essex School of Dancing
Classes held at Sundridge, Oxted, Hurst Green/Limpsfield
Tel: 07850 746189 | 07584 064643

Dance Fitness

Dance fitness is a type of group fitness (or group exercise) class that incorporates some or many forms of dance. It's a full body aerobic workout, divided into different tracks that provide peaks and troughs of intensity. The overall intensity of a class varies depending on the style you're doing.

Dance fitness classes offer a relaxed environment where you can really let your inhibitions go, get the results you want, learn some new moves and meet some great people along the way.

Taking part in dance fitness regularly will increase your fitness, transform your body, boost your confidence, and ease stress. You'll also pick up some fantastic new moves you can show off when the dance floor calls!

Whether you're hoping to lose weight or tone up (or even if you just get bored of doing the same thing too much), you'll get the results you want faster by keeping your body challenged and always guessing. Mix up your regime by doing a few different classes, the more styles you do the more you keep your body on its toes!

Class Schedule - adults 

  • Wednesday evenings at Bletchingley Village School Hall 
  • Thursday evenings at Crockham Hill School Hall 

Judith Essex School of Dancing

Tel: 07850 746189 or 07584 064643